Green Coffee Bean Extract

There are literally hundreds of weight loss supplements flooding the consumer market. The super fast age allows consumers to buy products for weight loss online without seeing the product, testing it or verifying its potency.

Newer and newer weight loss foods and supplements swamp the health industry practically every day and all of them come with huge promises of ‘effortless weight reduction’ co-mingled with claims of appetite suppression, boosting of body metabolism and mobilization of body fat.

However, all of them fail to answer some convincing questions:

• Do they really work so effectively?
• Are they 100% safe?
• Why doesn’t the medical community endorse any of these products if they really work?
• Are they entirely free from side or ill effects?

Green coffee bean extract

Coffee beans are the seeds found inside the bright red coffee berry; the beans are usually green in color. Regular coffee is obtained by roasting the green seeds till they turn brown providing the unmistakable aroma and flavor that millions of coffee drinkers around the world love. Green coffee bean extract is made by leaving the seeds unroasted; they are instead soaked and the concentration creates the extract.

Does the extract really work?

There are many studies that give some pointers to the issue of weight loss with the consumption of green coffee bean extract. However some of these studies have earned more than their share of bad reviews for many reasons:

• Small numbers of participants in the study,
• studies being conducted with covert funding by green coffee bean extract manufacturers,
• insufficient independent trials of these random studies, and
• inconclusive results

are some of the reasons cited.

Why cannot we just consume coffee?

Roasting the coffee beans increases the levels of some antioxidants and compounds naturally present in coffee; however, one the level of one substance, Chlorogenic Acid, reduces substantially. It is believed that this compound is the single element that boosts weight loss by preventing fat accumulation, curbing appetite and consumption of carbohydrates, regulating blood sugar levels etc. Additionally, green coffee bean extract tastes and smells different from regular coffee which is supposedly an advantage for those not particularly fond of coffee.

Is the extract safe?

Every weight loss supplement cannot answer that question fully because it depends on every individual’s body metabolism. There are cases of insomnia, high blood pressure, dizziness, acidity, anxiety and related symptoms reported with green coffee bean supplement use and hence ‘caution’ is the key word. No two green coffee bean supplements come with the same ingredients and hence there is no standardization of manufacture of formula applicable. What we do know is that caffeine is present in both types of coffee and excess use of caffeine can cause severe health problems. Adding to that, using weight loss supplements that contain caffeine and then stopping them altogether can lead to withdrawal symptoms that include depression, fatigue, headaches, muscle tension and nervousness. Another important aspect is the adverse interaction of caffeine with prescription medicines for illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and migraines.