Green Coffee Bean Extract

Losing weight is extremely difficult; you have to be conscious of your diet; exercise and many other things you have to consider including the food and drinks you intake.

It is like you are deprived from doing your normal routine. Now, there is nothing to worry about for we have an aid in losing weight, Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Green coffee bean extract is a compound extracted from raw coffee seeds which contain compounds such as caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant and is said to be the main active component of the coffee seeds. Chlorogenic acid is found to be responsible for weight loss by lowering our body’s fat absorption. However, if the coffee bean is roasted, chlorogenic acid fades away making it less effective. Thus, extracts should come from raw coffee seeds because it contains more chlorogenic acid compared to brown (roasted) beans. Green Coffee Seeds as a potent aid in weight loss and was popularized in 2012. Since then, there have been many studies done to find the efficacy of Green coffee extract. From the different studies, the results showed that green coffee seeds was effective not only for weight loss but also gives other health benefits.
Based from different studies, these are benefits of green coffee seed extract:

1. It aids in cutting weight effectively, some studies have proven that it is an effective agent in weight loss even without exercising, dieting or changing the daily routine.

2. It enhances metabolism for it burns body fats faster; it can aid in improving the body’s metabolism even without doing anything.

3. It obstructs the development of diabetes for it reduces glucose absorption in the body.

4. It hinders heart diseases. It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive system maintaining the amount of sugar in the body at the same time lowers blood pressure.

5. Its Extract helps in preventing hypertension. People who take green coffee bean extract with proper dosing showed positive effects on their blood vessels which led to reduced blood pressure.

6. It slows down aging because it has antioxidant properties.

7.Green Coffee Bean Extract improves mood; a study done in 2012 found out that it positively affects the mood and cognition of healthy elderly people.

In spite of the mentioned benefits, there are still people who contradict it due to the insufficient evidences proving the efficacy of the compound.

Green Coffee Bean Extract appears to be safe for human consumption, however, listed here are some of the common side effects. These are with limited basis so these might be just a coincidence.These are headache, urinary tract infection, anxiety, jitteriness, rapid heart beat, diarrhea and sometimes allergies.

Dosing depends on the concentration of the product. Based from studies done, the dose used ranges from 240mg-1,200mg per day. However, the recommended dose is 400 mg served 3 times a day 30 minutes before every meal.