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Your reasons for a personal SWOT analysis

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SWOT can help people with their personal development to become the best versions of themselves, said Marlo Zarka, a certified professional coach. When conducting a personal SWOT analysis, think about…

Does My Company Own My Intellectual Property?

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If you create something at work, does your company own it? What if you create it using company equipment? Here’s what you need to know about your workplace and intellectual…

Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching to Investors

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Entrepreneurs have to pitch investors to raise financing. Many entrepreneurs from earlier stage companies make common mistakes that could be avoided. Read below for some tips on how to improve…

How to Become a Security Analyst

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Most security analysts work for computing companies, consulting firms or business and financial companies. Increasingly, small to medium-sized firms are turning to managed security providers (MSPs) to help them establish…

How to Carefully Research Your Funding Needs

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While some business owners bootstrap their ventures, others turn to outside funding to grow their businesses. There’s a lot to consider if you go this route, including how much money…

How to Beginning Best Financial Management for Startups

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In the beginning stages of managing your startup, the nitty-gritty of finances might be the last thing you want to think about, but letting financial planning fall by the wayside…